About Shirley's Shoes

Shirley's Shoes is a women's footwear store selling quality brands from New Zealand and around the world.

We are located in Taupo, which is a vibrant town in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand. Taupo is on the edge of a large fresh water lake, near three snow capped volcanic mountains. Taupo is an exciting holiday destination with some of the most stunning scenery in New Zealand. World famous for its lake, trout fishing, adventure activities, thermal attractions, mountains and skiing.

Shirley's Shoes was opened in Taupo in 1988. Since then we have built up a shoe business that has become well known throughout New Zealand. Taupo is a popular holiday destination for many New Zealanders who regularly visit Shirley's Shoes for our service, our style and our selection in shoes.

In 1995 we started a mail order business to our customers through a catalogue, sent out every six months. We then followed this by attaching to our catalogue a FREE PHONE to make it easier for our customers to contact us.

In conjunction with our catalogue we hold an ART COMPETITION, as a way of adding an extra element of colour, excitement and interest to our footwear catalogue. This ART COMPETITION has grown to be a huge success. The winners of the ART COMPETITON are featured in the mail - phone order catalogue.

We were among the first footwear retailers in New Zealand to sell our shoes through a website.

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